How to Decide if a Modular Classroom is Right for You

How to Decide if a Modular Classroom is Right for You

Modular classrooms – portable rooms that can be installed quickly and used for a variety of classroom purposes – are a viable option when it comes to looking for a solution to an expanding student population. However, the most crucial step before purchasing one is deciding whether it is actually the best solution to your school or organization’s problem, as you do not want to invest time and money only to realize that there is an easier way. Before continuing with the process, discuss these four questions with your modular classroom consultant to decide whether or not a modular classroom is right for you.

 1. What are my other options?

Although modular classrooms can provide a quick and cost-effective solution to a lack of space, they may not always be the cheapest or least disruptive option; therefore, make sure that you exhaust all of your available space before deciding to go with a modular classroom. For example, any vacant rooms in a building can be converted into classrooms, usually with minimal cost and disruption; similarly, vacant buildings owned by your organization can be used for this purpose as well. Even closets or other areas, if large enough, can be repurposed. Of course, if issues such as security or ease of access for students are significant, modular classrooms may indeed be the better option.

 2. Is this temporary or permanent?

Modular classrooms can be set up on a temporary or permanent basis, but often they provide a more cost-effective short-term than long-term solution. In the short-term (such as when a building is undergoing modifications or being rebuilt), they make it easier for contractors and others to work on the permanent building without interference from an active student body, which in turn makes the work go faster and be less expensive.

 3. How soon do I need the space?

A modular classroom can be set up in a tight timeframe, with even one week being sufficient; therefore, if your school or organization does not have the time to repurpose a classroom or invest in a permanent building, modular classrooms can provide a quick solution. However, if there is time, a different solution may be cheaper or more effective.

 4. Does this fit my budget?

It may not always be cheaper to purchase a modular classroom than to simply modify an old office or vacant room for classroom purposes. Take time to go over your budget and decide whether you can afford a modular classroom, and whether or not it is the most cost-effective option.


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