Seven Simple Steps to protect Your Modular Building From Water Damage!

Seven Simple Steps to protect Your Modular Building From Water Damage!

Water is the number one source of damage and premature aging for modular buildings. Make sure you take these seven simple steps to protect your investment!

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4adf174e-a061-4729-9e10-13676cea24bf (1) 1. Gutters & Downspouts

Professionally installed gutters will keep water off the side walls, windows, and doors. Tie directly into underground storm drains whenever feasible. Or take the aluminum downspout to ground level and transition to a 3” or 4” PVC pipe laid on the ground. Clean your gutters every spring and fall.






90c10f4f-5669-4df2-bcd7-891825ba0b3e2.  Roof Inspection

Inspect your roof every spring and fall when cleaning your gutters. Storms, tree branches, objects thrown on the roof, or critters can do damage to your roof that is not visible from the ground. Early detection of a compromised roof can save thousands in water damage.



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3.  Ground Drainage

Avoid placing your modular building in a low spot. If necessary, use French drains, curbing, or landscaping to direct water away from the building. You can also place a vapor barrier with crushed gravel under the building at installation.





e14dc4c3-93dd-4065-9f01-7dc3bdfc25f54.  Vented Skirting

In most cases, skirting with passive venting is enough to allow moisture to escape from under the building. If your modular will be subject to excessive moisture, consider using a powered vent in the skirting to enhance air circulation and evaporation.




51d2ef6d-8c14-4aa9-a2bb-ad8d902adb235.  Window and Door Flashing

Inspect flashing and caulking around doors & windows twice a year when you inspect your gutters & roof. Water that gets in through doors and windows runs down the wall and pools on the floor. If you don’t catch it early, the floor will rot.






434d3b72-dd60-4ef7-b593-776c8bfbf50a6.  Deck/Step/Ramp Drainage

If possible, decking should be covered by a canopy with gutters. Decks should always be constructed to move water away from the building. When attached directly to the building, use flashing and caulking to protect the building from water and snow build up.





b8bc455b-27f9-4459-9332-a7765bf37a797.  Heat Trace/ Insulate Plumbing

Water supply lines and sewer drains under the modular should be insulated and wrapped in heat tape to prevent freezing. Remember to set automatic thermostats at a level that will keep pipes from freezing during weekends and long winter breaks.


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