Modular Classrooms LLC can provide all the services you need to occupy your modular building. We can provide a needs assessment, architectural design, building and utility permits, delivery, installation,  final inspection, and an occupancy permit. Or if you have local construction professionals that are familiar with your facility, we can coordinate communication with your preferred contractors to save you time and money!


Modular Classrooms LLC offers quality Used Modular Classrooms at a fraction of the price of new buildings. Our inventory of mobile school buildings range from late model “gently used” to heavily discounted “handy man specials”.

Our remodeling crew can “refurbish” your modular building after delivery, installing new siding, carpet, windows and doors to make your modular classroom look like new!

Financing options include purchase, lease to own, and straight rental of the buildings. Please give us a call and let us help you find the best solution for your modular classroom needs. Call today: 803-960-6833